Task 1 – Style Safari: Shoes

Style Safari is all about learning and sharing as much as possible about a type of clothing. I’ll have two weeks to read up and post on my subject and then I’ll go out and try to find what I learned about in the wild.

I’m starting off with shoes because they are the foundation of what I wear every day when I leave the house. They’re the first thing many people notice about someone new and they’re something I’ve been overlooking my whole life.

I’ll be posting more about shoes over the next two weeks. Leave a comment if there’s anything shoe related you want me to research.




  1. Esperanza Garrido · March 30, 2015

    And here I thought I knew about shoes…! Good research!! 👏
    By the way, which style did you like the most? Which kind will you be most likely using along your quest?

    Can’t wait to see some pics of your “picks”

    Good job 🙂


    • Daniel Allen · March 30, 2015

      I ended up enjoying the brogues the most. I like how at first glance they can be a simple brown shoe but when you look closer there’s tons of detail. Having said that, I want to try on a pair of Chelsea Boots to see how those feel and look. Thank you for the encouragement!


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